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Saving Ann Margaret: A Heartwarming Canine Rescue Story

Everyone, say a prayer for this baby. Good Samaritans said they found her roaming over by IKEA. She is in really bad shape. Emaciated, nails curled over, and she has two giant tumors on each side of her face. She’s so old, tired, and broken down. We really hope this little one makes it.

We named her Ann Margaret. Tonight she’ll be warm and comfortable, with a full baby. Poor sweet angel.

Update on Ann Margaret:

Some sad news for Ann Margaret, her tumors are cancer. This is not what we had hoped. One of the tumors on her head could be removed but the other cannot. As if that weren’t enough for her body to endure, she is covered in more tumors all over her body: her back, her chest, her belly, her glands. BUT there is some good news: even though she doesn’t have much time left on this Earth, she does have SOME time; enough time for us to tell her she is beautiful, that she is loved, and that people are praying for her all over the world.

Today we smothered her with massages, hugs, and the love she has been cruelly denied for so long. She craves human touch and, like a true bloodhound, she still likes to smell things with her curious nose. Although she is in discomfort, her appetite is strong as ever so we’re ensuring her belly is full with tasty  McDonald’s treats. We’ve reserved only the fluffiest of blankets for her stay here at the shelter. Ann Margaret has seen the worst of humanity but she is forgiving, she’s brave, and she’s willing to let us show her how kind and beautiful humanity is, too. We’re so thankful we can give her this gift of love before the time comes for her to cross the bridge.

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