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Rasmus Hojlund might be the “KEY” to starting a new chapter at Manchester United, according to Casemiro

People who support United will love hearing those words, even though the shooter hasn’t scored many goals yet. If Hojlund scores in his first FA Cup match tomorrow against Wigan, he will start to show Casemiro that he was right.

Rasmus Hojlund, who plays for Manchester United, has had a hard time getting used to English football. He has only scored one league goal in 15 games.

Despite this, Casemiro has still waxed poetic about the Dane’s skills and future promise.

The club’s official website says that the multiple Champions League winner thinks people should be careful not to put too much pressure on the young player.

He said, “He’s just a kid at the end of the day, so we shouldn’t be putting too much pressure on him.” A lot of people believe that he should start hitting 30 or more goals right away.

The ex-Real Madrid player also talked about a memorable moment from Hojlund’s debut: Casemiro grabbed him and shook him to show respect for the Dane’s work off the ball.

“About the video you brought up, I was pleased with his behavior. This is the problem: it’s really hard to come on in a game as tough as games against Arsenal.

The general in midfield then said that the striker’s arrival “changed the dynamic” for the team and that he thought the player “contributed a lot” on debut.

The Danish forward did great in the Champions League and scored five goals, even though United had a hard time and didn’t make it to the next round in the end.

If you look at local football, though, things are different. The young player hasn’t gotten the ball or had many chances, even though they’ve tried hard.

Until Christmas Day, when he scored a dramatic late winner in front of the Stretford End, he missed his chances to score when he did have the chance.

There were more nice things to say about the man who was eleven years younger than him. The 31-year-old fighter said, “He’s definitely playing better in every game and he’s working hard.” Rasmus works hard, and he’s excited to get going.

Casemiro thinks the former Atalanta striker will do great things and said, “he’ll be a great player for this club and, with his ambitions, he could define an era at Manchester United.”

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