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Miley Cyrus ‘Well-Informed’ About Noah Cyrus’ Romance With Dominic Purcell? Insights from Sources

Miley Cyrus was “fully aware” of her sister Noah’s relationship with Dominic Purcell before their mom, Tish Cyrus, got involved, according to sources.

Miley Cyrus knew about Noah’s relationship with Dominic Purcell

Despite reports, Noah wasn’t Purcell’s ex when Tish started dating him in 2022. According to US Weekly’s source, Miley sided with her mom and did “everything in her power” to keep Noah away from Tish and Purcell’s wedding in August 2023, causing a rift in the family.

The source told to the outlet, “Miley believes [the family rift is] beyond repair at this time,” the insider explains. “Miley’s devastated her family’s been torn apart.” Noah “refuses to communicate” with Miley, and Tish is “not open to any reconciliation” with Noah.

What’s the alleged drama between Noah, Tish, and Dominic?
Tish and Dominic’s wedding was attended by Miley, Trace and Brandi. Miley has supported her mom throughout her divorce. Earlier an insider revealed to People Magazine that the Flowers singer wasn’t “aware” of the whole alleged dating drama, however, sources say otherwise now.

The family drama surfaced when Noah and their brother Braison didn’t attend Tish’s wedding, signaling deeper issues between Noah and Tish.

After almost one year of Tish and Dominic’s wedding, it was reported that Noah was romantically involved with the Prison Break Actor. Later Tish got into a relationship with him despite being aware of her daughter’s relationship.

Tish knew about Noah’s connection with Purcell, adding to the tension. The insider revealed to US Weekly at the time, “The turmoil between Noah and Tish goes far beyond [what people think], Noah is very distraught over Tish stealing Dominic from her ” and Tish “was aware” about the relationship.

Noah and Purcell dated for about 8 to 9 months, facing problems before Tish came into the picture, leading to strained relations between Noah and Tish. Besides this, Miley seems to have conflicts with her father since he married Firerose in October 2023.

Tish knew her divorce from Billy Ray could be tough on her kids, given their long marriage. She’s saddened by the family discord over her and Billy Ray’s new partners. During her 2024 Grammys speech, Miley didn’t mention Billy Ray but thanked her mom, sister Brandi, and boyfriend Maxx Morando. Billy Ray and three of Miley’s siblings were left out, while her godmother, Dolly Parton, got a mention.

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