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Miley Cyrus Releases Two New Songs and a Previously Unheard Version of ‘Psycho Killer’

It is a privilege to witness a performance by Miley Cyrus live. Since he confessed about a year ago that he would not go on a world tour again – for now -, prioritizing his rest and his own essence, only a few have been able to hear him live, creating from his presence a spectacle with all the letters. Now, she wanted to present two new songs during a private event held last Wednesday at the H๏τel Chateau Marmont California.

According to some of her fans, Miley Cyrus sang a new song that could have been written for her mother, Tish Cyrus. A ballad that says something like: ‘Let’s go to Paris, I don’t care if we get lost in the sand, paint the city like Picᴀsso would do in his dreams, do the things we were terrified of before. I want to take you to Nirvana’can be heard in his song.

A detail that comes to Tish’s life in the middle of a war of rumors with her daughter Noah, after it came to light that her current husband was her daughter’s partner for several months.

Two other surprises that the singer had prepared for the attendees was to sing a song in French and cover the song. Psycho Killer from the classic band Talking Heads. A cover that has excited all her fans, delighted to see everything Miley does. Obviously.

“Performing for you have been the best days of my life and we will continue this journey together as we have done for the last two decades. This has nothing to do with a lack of appreciation for fans.but it all has to do with the fact that I simply don’t want to be prepared and ready in a dressing room, which is really what life on the road entails,” Cyrus explained just a year ago on her social networks, putting a point and following her way to face concerts.

In fact, the last time we saw Miley Cyrus on a Spanish stage it was in Wizink Center in Madrid (at that time, Palacio de los Deportes) in 2014, with the Bangerz Tour. Quite a show that she offered in a packed venue, where she offered her characteristic scenery of giant dolls and the singer herself perched on top of a H๏τ dog flying across the four walls of the famous concert space.

For now, she is not willing to go on a world tour, but we do not lose hope that she will make a brief getaway to our country, to offer us, at least, a couple of concerts that will make us remember what it is like to enjoy her in concert. Aren’t you tempted by a Bernabeu? For asking, don’t miss it.

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