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Miley Cyrus Embraces Easter Spirit: Dons Giant Bunny Ears in Whimsical Photoshoot

Miley Cyrus has been on a serious mission this year. She’s been celebrating each major holiday in the most over-the-top, spectacular way and she did not disappoint with her Easter celebrations.

The star unveiled a series of 15 Easter-themed pH๏τos in which she dons a pair of bunny ears, wraps herself up in an Easter basket and gets spanked by the Easter bunny himself.

“It started with Valentine’s Day on a shoot with Ellen von Unwerth, went into St. Paddy’s Day partying with some friends, and now it’s Easter,” Cyrus told Vogue about her over-the-top holiday celebrations.

She worked with pH๏τographer Vijat Mohindra on the Easter-themed pH๏τoshoot and, with some help from designer Bradley Kenneth McPeek, styled all the looks herself.

Throughout the series, she wears a sheer sparkly white dress, a pink bodysuit, striped babydoll dress and ruffled pouffy creation, all styled with her hair in a pink bob with Old Hollywood waves.

“If everything is cute … it works together, so pile it on and wear all your favorites at once,” she said about her styling vision. “No such thang as too much!”

These elaborately produced shoots all started at Valentine’s Day when she worked with veteran fashion pH๏τographer Ellen von Unwerth on a pink-filtered pH๏τoshoot modeling Sєxy red and pink outfits.

Then on St. Patrick’s Day, she decked out her space with a ton of green decorations and wore a festive green Care Bear onesie with a green-and-white striped Dr. Seuss-style hat and green accessories to celebrate, while fiancé Liam Hemsworth also sported head-to-toe green.

So now that her latest festive pH๏τoshoot is already finished, how will Cyrus be spending Easter Sunday? “[I’m] going to a drag show … duh,” she told Vogue.

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