Justin Bieber Playfully Pranks Fans with Hailey Baldwin Pregnancy Joke - NEWS - NEWS

Justin Bieber Playfully Pranks Fans with Hailey Baldwin Pregnancy Joke – NEWS

Justin Bieber has announced Hailey Baldwin is pregnant with their first baby. Picture: Instagram/Justin Bieber

Justin and Hailey Bieber have just announced that Hailey is pregnant with the couple’s first baby.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin “announced” that Hailey is pregnant with their first baby after Justin posted a series of photos of his wife getting an ultrasound scan.

It turns out, however, that it was merely an April Fools Day prank, with the ‘What Do You Mean?’ singer confirming it was a joke.

The married couple, who had been spending time on a yacht on Sunday before announcing the “pregnancy” late Monday evening, announced the news on Justin’s Instagram account.

Hailey Baldwin pregnant with Justin Bieber’s first child. Picture: Instagram

Of course, as soon as Justin posted the first snap of the ultra-sound, many believed it to be a April Fool’s joke. The ‘Sorry’ star tried to trick his fans, following up with a second post of Hailey with the caption, ‘If U thought it was April fools’.

Justin’s friends and family have already congratulated the couple on their news with ‘Despacito’ collaborator Luis Fonsi sending a series of ‘hands raised emojis’ to Justin on Instagram.

Rapper Ty Dolla $ign commented, ‘Congrats my bruda’ as well as actor Patrick Schwarzeneggar adding, ‘Is he doing a situp?’

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s baby as shown on their ultrasound scan. Picture: Instagram

Justin Bieber later posted a similar ultrasound scan, however, this time it showed a dog, instead of a baby, with the caption “Wait omg is that a,,, APRIL FOOLS [sic]”

Justin’s thousands of Beliebers are still unsure as to whether or not the pair are actually expecting their first child, after their recent marriage.

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