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HOT NEWS TODAY: Selena Gomez Spills the Beans on Justin Bieber’s Mom: The Untold Story Unveiled

So I felt like it was the right time to tell my story before it passed a point that it didn’t matter, but my mom was.

Um, I mean she was really hurt growing up.

I mean she had so many things going on in her life, so she was navigating her faith Journey.

For me, it was just confusing, cuz she’d say one thing and then, like she, would say, well, you’re forgiven, but then I’d do something bad, or whatever was supposedly bad, but then I she’d make me feel ashamed for it.

Okay, folks, let’s dish the juicy Deets on Justin Bieber and his mom, Patty Mallette.

Remember the good old days when they were inseparable.

Well, it seems like things have taken a nose dive lately

And we’re here to Spill the tea on why Patty’s been Mia from the spotlight.

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So word on the street is that Justin’s fairy tale romance with Haley might be at the center of it.

All you know, love can be be a tricky game and it seems like Patty may have been given the old Heave Ho, their Motherson Duo has seen its share of ups and downs, weathering some pretty tough storms together, but just when we thought they had patched things up, bam, the plot thickens suspiciously.

This falling out happened right when Justin was going all in on his relationship with Haley.

Could love have pushed Patty out of the picture.

Oh, you won’t believe the digital dirt we’ve uncovered.

The internet is buzzing with all sorts of gossip about Patty’s feelings towards Haley.

According to the grape vine, it seems Patty’s not exactly Haley’s biggest fan, and there are some pretty spicy reasons for it.

First, off word has it that Patty doesn’t exactly trust Haley and has some sneaky suspicions about her motives.

It’s tough to say for sure, though, because we all know Justin’s her pride and joy and she wouldn’t want to throw shade in public, but she’s been leaving us some breadcrumbs to follow.

Check this out.

After Justin sprung the engagement surprise, Patty did a little Twitter bio makeover.

For ages, she had proudly declared: yes, Justin Bieber is my son in her bio, but guess what?

Right after that, out of the blue engagement announcement, those very words mysteriously vanished.

H talk about intriguing things, and if that’s not enough, she casually hit that like button on a tweet.

That was a total eyebrow razor.

The Tweet basically warned about the Perils of getting hitched too quickly, and we all know how fast and furious Justin and Haley’s love story was.

A little sus right, but let’s not forget Patty’s soft spot for the one and only Selena, I mean who doesn’t adore her.

Patty didn’t miss any chance to sing Selena’s praises and even suggested she was a perfect match for Justin.

Ooh, the plot thickens.

She even follows her.

One person tweeted.

Someone explained to me why Haley’s dad and Justin’s mom both follow Selena, specifically Haley’s dad.

Another added how it’s a pattern, they said.

Remember when Justin’s cousin was talking sh about Selena, Justin’s sister singing back to you on Tik Tok, Justin’s mom liking her Tweets in on Instagram, Justin himself looking up Selena’s outfits in a Haley following selenators all after their marriage.

So what about his family?

And that’s not even all of it.

You won’t believe the scoop we’ve got from some insiders.

It turns out Patty has been a rock for Selena through all the ups and downs of her roller coaster romance with Justin.

But the plot thickens when you consider her support or lack thereof, for Haley.

What’s going on there?


Some folks have this sneaky theory that Patty might be low-key siding with her son’s exgirl, Selena.

I mean she did some curious things that got the gossip Mill churning.

Remember when she liked and then unliked Selena’s post about taking a social media break.

That’s got conspiracy theorists on high alert.

And then there’s that cryptic tweet from Patty back in February 2023.

She wrote: hate is ugly, don’t be ugly.

Now that could mean a million different things, but a lot of folks thought she was throwing some subtle shade at Justin and Haley, who were in some hot water for their online Antics at the time.

One Twitter user even jumped in telling Haley to take a hint from her mother-in-law and stop poking fun at Selena.

Ouch, but here’s the twist.

I’ve got a hunch that Patty’s Vanishing act might have something more mysterious going on.

Oh, and we’ve got some more Wild behavior from Justin Bieber coming your way.

Have you seen those recent videos of him acting well, let’s say interesting, from his spaced out Coachella moments to his bizarre Antics in Monaco?

It’s been a real roller coaster ride, but the cherry on top, spotted outside a restaurant, puffing on something suspicious with his buddies and leaving poor Haley alone inside for a whole hour.

Say what now?

Let me float a little conspiracy theory here, but could it be that Justin’s still not on the Sober train.

You see, Patty, his mom had a major beef with his substance use back in the day, which might explain why she’s been a bit absent from his life.

Word on the street is that she even tried to have a heart-to-heart with Haley about it, but apparently Haley brushed off Patty’s concerns, like she was talking crazy talk, drama alert, and there’s more weirdness to unravel.

Guess who was recently snapped cozying up with Haley- the one and only Leon Sterino, and for those in the know, he’s Justin’s former dealer yikes.

Some eagle-eyed online sleuths are wondering why in the world Haley would be hanging out with Justin’s former dealer, especially if her hubby is supposed to be Mr Sober.

Now it’s all a head scratcher and it might just be the missing puzzle piece in this drama.

You’ve got to wonder if Patty suspects Haley is leading her son down the wrong path, and that could be why there’s a little Rift between them these days.

But here’s the thing.

Patty’s got a big reason to be concerned about: Justin’s sobriety.

You see, Patty herself had a rocky road to recovery.

She started experimenting with drinks and illegal stuff when she was just a Wei 14-year-old.

Can you believe it?

From sunrise to sunset she said she was never sober.

Her life spiraled into a dark place, involving some bad choices and even a bit of vandalism at school, and let’s not forget the shoplifting phase yikes.

But thanks to a community Mentor, Patty managed to make a U-turn in her life.

She got clean and never looked back, so there’s a lot of weight behind her concerns for Justin’s well-being.

Now, speaking of Justin, he’s been pretty open about the rocky moments with his parents, but his relationship with his mom, Patty, took a hit, not just because of his Fame, but also some of the dicey choices he’s made along the way.

Sure, she was thrilled to see his Superstar career, Skyrocket, but she couldn’t ignore the pitfalls that come with Mega Fame.

We all remember those dark times when Justin gave in The Temptations and his well-being was seriously on the line.

Even his close friend and manager, Scooter Braun, was super worried that we’d lose Justin for good.

Braun had some serious fears when it came to Justin’s well-being.

One thing that haunted him more than anything was the idea that Justin might hit the sack one night with a cocktail of substances in his system and not wake up the next morning.

It’s the stuff of nightmares, and it had scooter on high alert.

And who could forget that fateful day in 2014, when Justin got that DUI?

It was like the world came crashing down around him.

After that, Fiasco, his relationship with his mom, Patty, hit rock bottom fast forward to 2016.

During a candid interview with Gq, Justin dropped a bombshell.

He confessed that he felt closer to his dad than his mom.

But here’s the real Heartbreaker.

A few years down the line, in an interview with billboard, Justin spilled the beans on what had really gone down between him and his mom.

He revealed that he had distanced himself from Patty because he never wanted to be a disappointment to her, but he realized his actions had let her down and the shame was eating at him.

They were working on rebuilding the trust they had lost.

But here’s the kicker: why has Patty gone Mia again?

The parallels between Justin and his mom’s struggles with substance addiction are truly striking.

In his documentary, he bared it all, admitting how he had lost his way, chasing the wrong things in the business.

It got so bad that his staff had to check his pulse at night just to make sure he was still with us.

Like mother, like son, Justin’s days allegedly started under the influence and instead of stopping, he’d just keep going until bedtime.

It was a dark chapter for him, no doubt, but one day he hit rock bottom and reached out to the big guy upstairs praying for help to overcome his substance issues.

Thankfully, he followed in his mom’s footsteps and climbed out of that hole fast forward.

A few years and the stars are aligning in some eyebrow raising ways: a whirlwind marriage, some messy online Behavior, an unexpected visit from a shadowy dealer from the past and now his mom going.

Mia, it’s a pretty gloomy picture, isn’t it?

Could it be that Justin is sliding back into those old habits which might explain the radio silence between him and his mom, especially if she thinks Haley’s got something to do with it?

The saga continues and we’re all on the edge of our seats for the next jaw drop twist.

So what do you think?

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