Documents about secret meetings with aliens in Europe in the 19th century, they are very friendly with humans and these creatures are 20 meters tall. - NEWS

Documents about secret meetings with aliens in Europe in the 19th century, they are very friendly with humans and these creatures are 20 meters tall.

In a series of recently uncovered documents, extraordinary claims have emerged about secret meetings between humans and extraterrestrial beings in Europe during the 19th century. According to these documents, the alien visitors were remarkably friendly and stood an astonishing 20 meters tall.

The Hidden Records

The documents, purportedly found in a hidden archive in a European library, detail clandestine encounters between humans and these colossal extraterrestrial beings. The records suggest that these meetings were carefully organized and kept secret to prevent public panic and protect the ongoing dialogue between the two species.

Description of the Aliens

According to the descriptions in the documents, the aliens were 20 meters tall, with humanoid features but distinct differences that marked them as otherworldly. They reportedly had elongated limbs, luminescent skin, and large, expressive eyes. Despite their intimidating stature, the documents emphasize the aliens’ friendly and peaceful nature.

Purpose of the Meetings

The documents suggest that the purpose of these meetings was to exchange knowledge and foster mutual understanding. The aliens were described as highly advanced, possessing technology and scientific knowledge far beyond human capabilities at the time. They shared insights into various fields, including medicine, astronomy, and engineering, which the human participants carefully documented.

Locations of the Encounters

The secret meetings were said to have taken place in secluded areas across Europe, including remote mountain regions and hidden valleys. Specific locations mentioned include the Swiss Alps, the Carpathian Mountains, and the Scottish Highlands. These sites were chosen for their isolation and natural barriers, ensuring privacy and security during the encounters.

Participants and Witnesses

The documents list several prominent figures of the time as participants in these meetings. These included scientists, military officials, and even members of European royalty. The records indicate that the participants were sworn to secrecy and that the information was shared only with a select few who were deemed trustworthy and capable of handling such extraordinary knowledge.

Implications and Skepticism

While the documents provide detailed accounts of these encounters, they have also been met with skepticism. Critics argue that the lack of physical evidence and the fantastical nature of the claims make them difficult to verify. Some suggest that the documents could be an elaborate hoax or a misinterpretation of historical events.

Continuing Investigation

Despite the skepticism, the discovery of these documents has sparked significant interest and further investigation. Researchers are meticulously analyzing the records, looking for corroborative evidence and additional sources that might validate the extraordinary claims. The possibility of friendly interactions with 20-meter tall extraterrestrials in the 19th century, if proven true, would revolutionize our understanding of human history and our place in the universe.


The alleged secret meetings between humans and 20-meter tall aliens in Europe during the 19th century remain one of the most intriguing and controversial claims in recent history. Whether fact or fiction, these documents have captured the imagination of scholars and enthusiasts alike. As investigations continue, the truth behind these extraordinary accounts may one day come to light, offering new perspectives on our past and potential future interactions with extraterrestrial beings.

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