More Thaп a Frieпd: Aпtoпy Gratefυl to Diogo Dalot for Sυpport Amid Strυggles at Maп Utd. - NEWS

More Thaп a Frieпd: Aпtoпy Gratefυl to Diogo Dalot for Sυpport Amid Strυggles at Maп Utd.

The winger for Manchester United, Antony, has talked candidly about his bond with Diogo Dalot.

The 24-year-old failed to adjust to the Premier League after moving from Ajax to United in an £86 million deal back in 2022.

Antony admitted Diogo Dalot has been a supportive friend

Antony has endured a difficult season at Old Trafford

In 44 appearances across all competitions during his rookie season at Old Trafford, he scored eight goals.

The winger has only scored twice this season, adding to his problems.

Pundits and supporters have been harsh on Antony; some have even dubbed him the worst Premier League acquisition ever.

He recently said that he got through tough moments because to his friendship with Dalot.

Speaking to Man Utd’s official website, Antony said: “I’m very grateful to God and to a friend I talk to a lot.

“Diogo Dalot is more than a friend to me, he’s a guy who helps me every day at the club. We have a phrase that we always say to each other: the patient guy is unbeatable.

“We always talk about it. So I’m very grateful to him for his advice, for the moments we had together talking. He’s a guy who’s helped me a lot.”

Antony scored a crucial equaliser during United’s FA Cup clash with Liverpool earlier this month.

The Red Devils went on to win 4-3 after extra time to progress to the semi-finals.

Discussing the match at Old Trafford, Antony added: “Before the game, I told Diogo that I felt something different.

“I felt something good. I felt I was going to score today, so I’m very happy about that.

“With regard to Dalot, as I said, he’s my best friend here at the club.

“He’s a guy we’re always talking to, he’s always advising me and his mentality is out of the ordinary.”

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