HOT NEWS: Jυstiп Bieber’s biological mother “slams” Seleпa Gomez iп defeпse of Hailey’s daυghter-iп-law: Jealoυsy is forever brokeп? S - NEWS

HOT NEWS: Jυstiп Bieber’s biological mother “slams” Seleпa Gomez iп defeпse of Hailey’s daυghter-iп-law: Jealoυsy is forever brokeп? S

The noise between Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber has once again become the focus after Justin Bieber’s biological mother implicitly defended her daughter-in-law and scolded her son’s ex-girlfriend to live less jealously.

In recent days, the drama between Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber has attracted the attention of netizens. Accordingly, Selena suddenly “digged” a clip of Hailey jokingly referring to Taylor Swift on the program Drop the Mic that aired 6 years ago.

In the clip, Justin Bieber’s wife opens her mouth wide and points her index finger to her tongue when rapper Method Man mentions Swift’s Reputation (2017) album. Below the old video, Selena Gomez left a comment: “Sorry, my best friend was, is and will continue to be one of the best”.

Selena Gomez’s public move to defend Taylor Swift in front of ex-wife Justin Bieber has long sparked controversy on social media. Some people agree with the action of the Disney star because protecting her best friend is the right thing to do, but many people think that she is trying to “create drama” because she digs up the old story.

After the old clip was “digged” by Selena Gomez on social media, Hailey Bieber was “attacked” by Selena Gomez fans on her personal account. Justin Bieber’s wife has now locked the comment feature to avoid reading negative comments from antifan.

In the midst of the noise, Justin Bieber’s mother suddenly had a line of attention. She wrote on Twitter on February 25: “Jealousy is forever broken, don’t be like that” in defense of her daughter-in-law Hailey Bieber.

Many people speculate that this is a move that Justin Bieber’s mother wants to protect her daughter-in-law when she receives a series of offensive comments from Selena fans.

After the controversial statement, Selena Gomez announced that she would temporarily stop using social media to avoid reading negative comments. “I’m going to take a break from using social media because this is a bit silly.

I’m 30 years old, I’m too old for this. I’m fine, I’m very content with myself and won’t care what other people say. But I still love you so much and I’ll see you soon. I just want to rest a bit, away from everything,” Selena shared in the livestream.

Not only being attacked by netizens, Hailey Bieber was also “pinned” by Selena Gomez fans because of her interaction with Kylie Jenner. Specifically, a few days ago, Selena Gomez posted a video saying that she had a problem and damaged her eyebrows.

Just a few hours later, Kylie Jenner posted a FaceTime screenshot between her and Hailey Bieber, with the caption: “Is this an accident?”. Selena Gomez’s fans thought that the two’s actions were “smiling” their idols, although Kylie later clarified that there was no malice and Selena also agreed with Kylie, telling fans that she didn’t care. to that.

After the scandal, Hailey Bieber lost 200,000 followers on Instagram in turn. Suffering the same fate, Kylie Jenner also lost 300,000 followers. Thanks to that, Selena Gomez blatantly became the most followed female artist on Instagram currently with 385 million followers.

In November last year, Page Six reported that Only Murders in the Building stars and Hailey Bieber became the focus of a photo together at the Film Academy Museum gala in Los Angeles, USA.

At that time, the audience thought that this was a proof of dispelling bad rumors between the two women over the past few years, and at the same time, showing that Hailey was not awkward when facing her husband’s ex-lover.

However, after this close photo, it can be seen that the relationship between Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber never seems to be good. This is not the first time these two stars have been entangled with each other on social media.

Despite having broken up for the past 5 years, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber still seem unable to have a separate life when they are constantly entangled with each other.

In an interview, Selena Gomez revealed that she won’t stop crying and worrying about malicious comments from social media users. The 30-year-old actress felt uncomfortable being compared to Justin Bieber’s current wife during the time after breaking up with the male singer.

Selena Gomez also opened up about breaking up with Justin Bieber in the documentary My Mind & Me released on Apple. Emotionally reflecting on the past, Selena said: “Everything went public. I felt haunted by a past relationship that no one wanted to let go of. After that, I just got over it and no more fear.”

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