HOT NEWS: 4 details that sparked rυmors of Jυstiп Bieber haviпg aп affair becaυse of his affair with ex-lover Seleпa Gomez - NEWS

HOT NEWS: 4 details that sparked rυmors of Jυstiп Bieber haviпg aп affair becaυse of his affair with ex-lover Seleпa Gomez

Justin Bieber’s “love signals” for Selena Gomez made fans suspect that he was secretly giving Hailey “a horn”.

Although Jelena’s love story has ended more than a year ago, it seems that Justin and Selena’s relationship is always a “good place” for public opinion to talk about. 

Justin Bieber has settled down and Selena Gomez is happily enjoying her precious single time, but the rumors about the two’s love story still do not stop. However, there is a notable point that almost all rumors originate from the boy’s actions.

He always gives sweet words and affectionate gestures to Hailey Baldwin , but Justin’s actions make fans doubt that he always thinks about his old “muse” Selena.

Appeared devastated and sad when hearing the news that Selena was hospitalized

Last October, the online community was panicked when they heard that Selena was transferred to the hospital for mental illness treatment.

After the media announced this news, Justin Bieber was seen driving to church in Los Angeles looking drooping and absent-minded.

He did not care about his appearance but appeared with loose hair, covering most of his face. Many people present at that time also commented that Justin looked quite sad and had a visibly poor demeanor.

When meeting some friends, the male singer also seemed depressed and not as happy as usual. More specifically, Hailey was not with Justin.

Fans had the opportunity to “show off Conan’s talent” and speculate that maybe Justin missed Selena so much and was sad that he ran away from his wife to meet a friend to relieve his sadness?

The haggard image is said to be out of pity for Selena’s ex-lover

Always protecting his wife but still nodding and admitting “I will always love Selena”

After marrying Hailey, Justin was always plagued by rumors that he was still in love and always held out hope of returning to Selena.

After a long period of silence, Justin finally officially responded to this supposedly malicious rumor: “I don’t love Hailey at all.

I’m just using her to get revenge on Selena Gomez.” never mind”.

The Canadian male singer expressed his frustration and protection, affirming his sincere feelings for Hailey.

However, Justin stunned everyone when he publicly declared his love for Selena even though everything was in the past: “I loved and always loved Selena. She will always hold a special place in my heart.”

my heart, but now I’m willing to give all my love to my wife. Hailey is the best thing in my life.

The fact that you spend all day hating others somehow shows me who you are. And If this is some silly trick just to get my attention then you’re really wrong, so wrong…”

Fans are worried that Justin intentionally wrote a long post to distract public opinion, making people think that he is now only in love with Hailey.

But in reality, the young man always missed Selena and even “recklessly” expressed his feelings right in the comments defending his wife.

Accidentally “slipped the keyboard” and hearted a sweet photo of the past with Selena

Recently, Justin Bieber was discovered by fans liking a photo while he was dating Selena.

Specifically, a personal Instagram account said to be a fan of the “Prince of Pop” posted rare or never-before-seen photos of the male singer.

There would be nothing noteworthy if among those photos there was not a photo capturing the moment Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were cuddling.

Many people think that Justin just “happy” liked the photo and had no other intentions.

On the contrary, fans think that Justin Bieber is once again moved by Selena, so he misses and thinks of her.

Just one small action shows that Justin is not at peace with his super-attractive wife Hailey, but is devoted to his old lover.

Launching new products also likes to be “ambiguous” related to old people

After the success of “I don’t care” featuring Ed Sheeran , Justin once again “teased” fans with a new song in collaboration with Chris Brown .

Besides being happy that Justin is finally working hard to release music like before, fans discovered something unusual in the way he promoted his work.

In addition to noting the song information, Justin Bieber also added a meaningless, unrelated sentence “I have something to say”.

Although it was deleted after a few minutes, this suspicious move caused a stir among people as a “hidden” message to ex-girlfriend Selena after she deleted the last photo with him on her personal Instagram account.

Justin Bieber’s actions and reactions easily make the online community suspicious and have negative speculations about the Justin – Selena – Hailey love triangle.

Some people even think that Justin still misses his ex even though he swore to love Hailey for the rest of his life.

Hailey Baldwin has always been loyal and loves her husband wholeheartedly. 

Selena Gomez now has her own path. Although she is still single, she always enjoys her own life.

Therefore, most people hope that all the rumors of “betraying Hailey”, “breaking up with Hailey and going back to Selena” are just fake, and Justin Hailey and his wife will always be happy and love each other so that there will be no problems. Another Hollywood “horn” appears.

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