BREAKING NEWS : Seleпa Gomez Slammed Jυstiп Bieber, Recalliпg A Time Of Sυfferiпg, Pleadiпg: “stop Beggiпg The Past - NEWS

BREAKING NEWS : Seleпa Gomez Slammed Jυstiп Bieber, Recalliпg A Time Of Sυfferiпg, Pleadiпg: “stop Beggiпg The Past

Despite being separated for 5 years, Selena Gomez still mentions her former love Justin Bieber, making people not very satisfied. In a recent interview, the singer caused controversy when she claimed that Justin Bieber was the “trigger” that made her do 1 thing in the past.

After so many years, the love story of the couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez has always been the most talked about love story in the world. Not only because they are the most popular stars today, but also because of how many dramas in romance movies come out of real life through their relationship, from dating, breaking up, reuniting, trying to love someone else but still not forgetting the old love,…

Up to now, after 5 years of separation, while Justin has “settled down” with Hailey Baldwin, Selena is still single, she also has many rumors with other male stars. It is worth mentioning that Selena Gomez constantly “digs” the noisy love story of the past again and again, making the public bored.

Recently interviewed with Fast Company magazine, the Ice Cream singer suddenly shared the reason for deleting the application and handing over the management of the Instagram account to his assistant in 2018. Worth mentioning, Selena Gomez is the woman with the largest number of followers on Instagram globally, currently the singer’s account has reached 430 million followers. Looking at the number of followers and the beauty’s huge influence on the social platform, the public can’t help but be curious why Selena wants to quit the account.

Without hesitating to touch her ex, Selena Gomez affirmed that the breakup with Justin Bieber in the spring of 2018 was the “trigger” that made her make this decision. “At the time, I was heartbroken because my heart had just been broken. I felt like I didn’t need to know what people were talking about. Then there was a time when I looked negative about my appearance just because I saw something on Instagram. Oh, I wish my b.ody was like that,” Selena Gomez said of the reason for stopping using Instagram.

Before Selena’s sharing about her former love, the public could not help but argue fiercely. Most of them are bored because the singer 5 times 7 times mentioned old things to Justin Bieber while the singer is married.

Still, there was an opinion defending Selena. In fact, she did not mention Justin Bieber by name and also talked in more detail about her appearance instead of falling into a past love affair. The singer emphasized mental health and psychological difficulties in an interview with Fast Company magazine, not focusing on Justin Bieber.

It is known that in the same year of breaking up with Justin Bieber, Selena was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The singer has been quietly going to psychological treatment for some time. In 2020, she first opened up about mental health in a conversation with Miley Cyrus.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez began their relationship in late 2010. The couple first split in November 2012. A few weeks later, they reunited and split in January 2013. They then reunited for short periods of time in 2013, 2014, and 2015. At the end of 2017, it was reported that the couple reunited, but when nothing was clear, they broke up again in March 2018.

In May 2018, Justin reunited with ex-girlfriend Hailey Baldwin. On July 7, 2018, Justin successfully proposed to Hailey. Previously, the couple dated from December 2015 to January 2016 before breaking up. In July 2018, Justin Bieber got engaged to model Hailey Baldwin and then got married in September of that year.

Justin and Hailey’s quick love story surprised the public, from which rumors of the singer having an affair with Hailey behind Selena’s back also spread throughout the media. The wave of criticism was directed at the couple, and Selena Gomez received enthusiastic support from the public.

After Justin Bieber got married, this “3-person story” has been a h.ot topic on showbiz news sites for years. In September 2023, model Hailey Baldwin officially confirmed in an interview that she did not “steal” Justin Bieber from Selena Gomez. For her part, Hailey Bieber has also been bullied and harassed online by a section of netizens for years.

After years of living in the midst of hating each other, the two “heroines” finally decided to take an intimate photo while attending a recent event together to dispel ugly rumors. Hailey insists there is no animosity between her and Selena Gomez, who respect each other for what has passed.

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